Safe Place To Sleep Baby Bedding Ikea

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Baby bedding ikea – Let’s start with the first point. Above all, a cot should be a safe place to sleep for the little one. In this regard, as a newborn parent, you should make an effort and pay attention to all the small details of the bed structure. When choosing a cot, make sure it has some protruding edges or sharp corners. Second, there are no holes!

That means you have to buy the baby bedding ikea and mattress at the same time. The mattress should be fitted as an example. A good variant in this direction, for example the protective pad. It completely surrounds the best cot. But even a protective pillow just in the head area would be ok. For the mattress, it should be either too hard or too soft. In short, the mattress should not sink more than two centimeters.

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In addition, the deck of the mattress should be made of cotton. The materials your girl baby bedding ikea wants to sleep on is very important and must be natural. No plastic is allowed. More importantly, hygiene is. The sheets and mattress should be cleaned best at 60 degrees in the washing machine. Another important thing about cots is sleeping bags. Avoid the duvets and choose a sleeping bag.

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