Making Wood Indoor Storage Bench

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Use the space inside the indoor storage bench to store umbrellas, scarves and other indoor accessories. You can also place the bench in a playroom and use it to store toys or in a bedroom as storage for out-of-season clothes. The finished bench gets 16 inches deep with whatever width you choose.


Cut plywood into five pieces, each 16 inches wide. Two pieces should correspond to the width of the board. Two more inside storage bench should measure 16 inches by 14.5 inches and the last piece of puzzle should measure 16 inches of width you choose. End the piece of plywood at the moment. Form a box shape with the other four pieces. Run a line of glue along the two side edges of each smaller piece of plywood, then press against the larger pieces to form the box. Attach the pieces firmly by screwing in three tire screws on each corner. Space the screws about 5 inches apart, with the screws on the top and bottom 1 inch from the edge.

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Run a line of glue on the four side edges of the remaining piece of storage bench, on the side that will be inside the box. Place the remaining piece on top of the box, queuing the edges. Secure in place by attaching tire screws on all four sides, spaced 5 inches apart. Turn the box right side up so that the plywood board is on the bottom. Attach the board to the box with 2 1/4 inch deck screws. Use a screw on each side and three on the inside of the box. Cut piece of birch plywood so that it is 18 inches wide and 2 inches longer than the width of the box.

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