Ideas for Black And White Teen Bedding


Let your teenager decide on a theme, which can be based on what she is interested in. For example, black and white teen bedding may be centered on a color, location, character or known person. Or she can have a poster or a picture she loves and wants to put into the design of bedding.


Think of a teenager’s bedding getting some addiction. Therefore, when choosing a bedding set, make special part of the fabric. Some fabrics require weekly dry cleaning and others only need to wash when needed. Cotton is a popular choice for teen bedding as it is easy to maintain. When choosing thread count, stick with about 400, which something extra is considered unnecessary. Jersey fabrics are also quite comfortable, easy to clean and are cheap bedding options.

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It is in the nature of the teenager’s nature to change their minds. Therefore, buy a quilt and a duvet cover. This will allow you to purchase additional duvet covers to change the bedding look. To further increase the versatility of bedding that buys extra sets of sheets and pillowcases in other colors. Then, when it’s time for a different look, just change the sheets and pillow cases. Accent pillows are also a quick, inexpensive way to change the room’s overall impression.

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