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How to Design Boho Baby Bedding

Published On February 10, 2019 | By wall | Teen Bedding

Designing your own boho baby bedding is a rewarding experience while economically savvy. For the larger pieces, such as bumper pads or the baby sleigh, these require a little more concentration, but still moderately made. Choosing your design and color scheme is the hardest part.

Amazing Baby Blanket

Amazing Baby Blanket


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Bumper Pads

Measure the length and width of the crib. Add 1 inch to each of your measurements. Cut the pattern paper to fit the dimensions of the boho bedding, including added inches. Decide how deeply you want to design bumper pads. To create the pattern for bumper pads, tape the pattern depth as you like, end over the end. Cut pattern to fit the length of the side, plus one inch. Repeat this step with the ends of the crib, even adding one inch.

Wear the pattern to the baby bedding and hold it up on the inside of the crib. Mark the pattern with a pen where you want to bumper the bands to be sewn. They will have to line up with crib bars evenly. Lay the fabric and the pattern on a flat work surface and then fold it in half towards the self. Lay a layer of cotton wool on top of the fabric. Pin the pattern over the batting and the fabric. Cut through the fabric and batting, using the pattern as your guide. Cut two sets for the sides of the crib and two sets for the crib ends. Pin the sections in place again. Cut bands in 7 to 10 inch sections. You must have twelve pairs of bands.

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