Crib Bedding Girl Ideas with Lilies


If you are going to be expecting a little girl soon, you may want to decorate your crib bedding girl with a restrained flower like the lily. There are several ideas that have lilies in the baby nursery in a way that will make the space attractive to you and your little one.

Use white and green bedding to decorate your baby’s crib, as these are the colors often associated with lilies. You can also apply pink or orange and brown color to express tiger lilies. Place small pillows with images of lilies on the rocker or artwork on the crib to bring out the solid hues in the bedding.

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Designate the main wall of the nursery to paint a large single lily, along with the name of your girl. Or acquire wallpaper borders with images of lilies, and apply them to all sides of the room. Enlarge the live images of the lilies and the frame of the photos in colors that will improve the image, such as green or orange. Place a bouquet of fresh lilies (or, if you are concerned about allergies, silk lilies) in a clear glass vase and put it on the bedside table. They have a lamp with a lily-shaped entrance on the dresser or paint an image of a lily on the side of the pieces of furniture.

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