Chevron Crib Bedding In Attractive Color Options


Although pink and blue are standard for girls and boys, you don’t have to choose these colors if you want something else. Modern chevron crib bedding has much more to offer in the form of colors. Parents of girls who want a more angular feeling that their child’s bed can still choose pink, but add black or brown as an accent color. Decorate a little boy’s crib with an eye-catching navy blue and light green combination.

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When it comes to baby bedding, you have your choice of sheets, blankets, cot bumpers, pillows and lots of soft toys. If you choose a prepackage theme, you will find most of what you need in one place. If you create a look yourself, choose complementary colors that look great together. When laying a layer on a crib mattress, put a stuffed toy in one corner and maybe a small, firm pillow in the other. A blanket is sufficient to cover a baby.

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If your baby bedding theme is nautical, find pillows and toys in the boat figurines or animals from the ocean. For a Peter Cottontail theme, a place filled bunny in booths and more stuff around the room. Don’t forget the lamps and chest of drawers accessories. When they coordinate well with bedding, it pulls the whole nursery looking together.


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