Build Outdoor Storage Bench Step By Step

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Outdoor Storage Bench – A porch storage chest is used to store small items frequently used in the backyard or garden. Such as gardening tools and supplies, patio furniture or pillows, pool toys or equipment, and seasonal grill tools. A storage chest is commonly made of wood and can be quite expensive to buy because custom designs often have a chest. Design and custom make storage chest suitable for outdoor conditions by using basic tools of plywood and hardware.

Measure the space where you want to place your chest from the storage of the porch. Draw the necessary pieces for the chest on the wood, using the pencil and tape measure. Draw two identical pieces for the front and back with the measures of length and height. Cut the 6 pieces for outdoor storage chest with the jigsaw. Put the pieces together according to size. Gather the pieces sideways together. Place the side pieces in front of one another and the front and back pieces in front of one another to create a rectangular wooden box frame.

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Fit the lower part of the chest by placing it on the upper part of the frame. Place the chest lid to the chest, so line the sides. Place the hinges so that one end is placed inside the chest and the other end is on the top itself. Paint the breast the colors you want. Add detailed or custom designs using smaller brushes and darker colors than your chosen base color.

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