Basic Decor for the Boy Crib Bedding Sets


Decorating your boy crib bedding sets is fun. But unless you have an idea of what you’re looking for, the process can be a little slow at first. Think of another baby boy bedding you’ve seen. What stands out for you? Bold and bright colors? Or colors that are calmer and more relaxing? Whichever you choose, remember that all bedding materials need to be updated and safe for the baby.

Bedding such as soft duvets, pillows, and blankets are fun and cute; however, these items do not belong in a crib if your baby is under one year of age. Bedding for your child should also be non-flammable, easy to wash and care for. Before buying, check for loose or missing pieces, shaky legs or sides that can easily come down when pushed on the bed. The poles in the crib need to be separated together to prevent the baby’s head from squeezing through. As your baby grows, he’ll get you more active and even try to climb into your crib, so make sure the bed is sturdy and hang-proof.

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Choosing a style for your baby bedding often means choosing something that reflects your own style. If you prefer classic and more contemporary designs, you could choose Disney characters, sports, dinosaurs, airplanes, spaceships, teddy bears, clowns or Sesame Street characters. You can also use the latest superhero like Batman or Spider-Man or even a pirate theme for your child’s bed. If you prefer the classic look, you may also like shades of blue in your baby’s room. Blue purchasing quilts, blue and blue mobiles pillows for the rocker in the same shades as your child’s bedding. Many stores offer carpets that coordinate with the baby that bedding as well.

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