Attractive Wicker Storage Ottoman

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Wicker storage ottoman are cheap, light-weight, attractive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of which make excellent storage. Use designed or modified are wicker containers for clumping the documents in a home office or the toys in the playroom. Think outside the box for a convenient place to stash your stuff.

Wicker goes well with the most decor of the kitchen. But looks especially at home in a casual or country kitchen. A wicker basket will slide right under a counter or cabinet to organize piles of dishtowels or nested pots. Put a cotton or linen towel in a wicker basket and dump the onions and garlic bulbs in there for dry storage.

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Wicker storage locations with handles or cutouts will odds. And ends that are not quite anywhere else. Such as the mismatched souvenir mugs you once a year for hot cider on Thanksgiving. Or the odd kitchen utensils that rarely make the counter come in handy on occasion to hold. Wicker stairs baskets are shaped like an “L” and sit on a step at the bottom or the top of the stairs. Throw things in them that are on the wrong word.┬áCheck our gallery to inspire you!

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